About Us

In May 2019, MASCC signed an affiliation agreement with the Indian Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (IASCC). IASCC is an organisation, with a mandate of cancer care, research, and education in India. The IASCC’s mission is to promote research and education in the field of oncology supportive care among Indian healthcare providers. Its specific objectives are to promote and undertake supportive care education for oncologists, nurses, and other oncology professionals through courses, modules, and meetings with MASCC on research projects. Through its affiliate program, MASCC aims to create a global network of supportive care organizations that allows international collaboration, as well as enhancing the experiences of cancer patients worldwide. Through this reciprocal agreement with IASCC, MASCC members residing in India automatically become members of IASCC. Similarly, all members of IASCC become full members of MASCC with all membership benefits, including electronic access to the MASCC journal, Supportive Care in Cancer, discounted registration fees to MASCC Annual Meetings, membership in MASCC Study Groups, opportunities to participate in international projects (such as guideline development), and the MASCC Society News. MASCC membership also ensures opportunities for mentorship and opportunities for networking with international leaders in the field of supportive cancer care. IASCC is led by Dr. Dinesh C. Doval, President, Dr. Shona Nag, Vice President, Dr. Sudeep Gupta, Vice President, and Dr. Vikas Ostwal, General Secretary.